Technical Staff

Loris Dotto
416-736-2100 x77410

Loris has been providing technical support for the Faculty of Fine Arts since 1992 and for the Department of Design since 1998. As a Technician/Demonstrator he is responsible for the general operation and maintenance of the studio facilities as well as providing technical support for both students and faculty on a more personal level. Being an alumnus of the undergraduate program, Loris understands the technical challenges students face and is always willing to help out whenever and wherever possible.

Richard Miziolek
416-736-2100, x77415

Rich has been with the Department of Design since 1999 as a Technician/Demonstrator. His main duties include providing technical assistance and support to faculty and students, along with hardware and software setup and maintenance. Before joining the Department of Design, Rich worked for several design and multimedia companies. If you have any technical questions or concerns, Rich would be happy to help.