Application FAQs

How do I apply?
Application to the Program is a two-part process. First, you formally apply through either OUAC (York University) or through OCAS (Sheridan College) process. Remember, you only need to apply through one or the other, but not both.

The second part of the process is the submission of the Supplementary Evaluation.

Where do I get the Supplementary Evaluation?
Once you have applied though OUAC or OCAS you will be sent an email from the Institution you applied to with the instructions for completing and submitting the Supplementary Evaluation online. (For a more detailed explanation please check the Application Process.)

How important is the Supplementary Evaluation that I submit to the Program?
Extremely important! Your responses to the Supplementary Evaluation provide us with important information about yourself that we will use to help evaluate your application.

Must I include the evaluation fee when I complete and submit the online Supplementary Evaluation?
Yes, for applicants living within 300km of York University, you will not be invited for a portfolio interview until the evaluation payment has been received. York applicants must make payment online by credit card (VISA, MC or AMEX). Sheridan applicants must pay with either a certified cheque or money order made payable to Sheridan College. Payment is made to the institution you submitted your application to.

For applicants living a distance greater than 300km, your online application will not be reviewed until the evaluation payment has been received.

What are the academic requirements if I am applying directly from a high school in Ontario?
Ontario Secondary School Diploma OSSD which includes six 4U or 4M courses, including ENG4U, and all Faculty or program specific prerequisites. Francophone applicants may present FRA4U, FEF4U or FIF4U. We accept a combination of U and M courses. We may offer you early conditional admission if you have strong Grade 11 finals and/or interim Grade 12 results.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of both York University and Sheridan College in order to participate in the selection process for final admission. The Joint York/Sheridan Executive Committee may consider applicants not meeting the requirements of both institutions on an individual basis.

What are the academic requirements if I am an international student, a college/university transfer student, a mature student, or not living in Ontario?
The academic requirements for such applicants are the same, however, these applicants are assigned a different applicant category and apply by following the instructions on the York or Sheridan admission website depending on the institution you submit your application.

Do you accept students with advanced standing into the second year?
Yes, a few. Historically we can accept a total of only 5 – 6 students each year into year two. This low number is due to our high retention rate of continuing students – near 90%.

To improve my chances of acceptance into this Joint Program, should I ever apply to both Sheridan and York?
No, never! Applicants must apply to only one institution for the YSDN Program, not both.

Do all applicants receive a portfolio interview?
All domestic and international applicants living within 300km of York University who submit the Supplementary Evaluation and pay the evaluation fee will be invited to book a portfolio interview.

Domestic and international applicants living a distance greater than 300km, are asked to complete the Supplementary Evaluation and upload images of representative work to the York University Supplementary Evaluation website.

What type of Grade Point Average are you looking for?
Grades are very important and comprise 50% of our final decision as to whether we accept an applicant (the in-person portfolio interview or online portfolio score comprises the remaining 50%).

Historically, we have given preference to students with a high school average of 80% or better depending on the quality of the applicant pool.

What are my chances of being accepted?
We are looking for the top students who are both bright and creative. Historically, we interview about 650 applicants and accept 120 students for the new incoming class, plus about 5 students added to second year studies.