Spotlight on Alumni: Anton Jeludkov

Spotlight on Alumni: Anton Jeludkov

Anton Jeludkov
Senior Designer, Someoddpilot, Chicago
BDes 2010

893202_10101199445703480_216485197_oWhat are you doing now?

I’m a designer at Someoddpilot, a small branding agency and design studio. We’re a team of designers, artists, photographers, cinematographers, strategists, writers and coders – everyone has a chance to see a project through from early conception to final product. Lots of our clients come from the fashion, apparel and music industries, which allows for a pretty artistic approach to design. I work in a variety of mediums: web design, editorial, art directing fashion campaign videos, helping coordinate fashion shows, creating visuals for runways – you name it.

I’m also a co-director and curator at Public Works, a contemporary art and design gallery. Right now we’re transitioning Public Works from a passive gallery space to more of a creative sandbox for Someoddpilot where we can collaborate with other Chicago artists. The latest Public Works initiative I spearheaded was VIA CHI, an underground audio-visual arts festival that offers artists opportunities to present their work outside of traditional gallery spaces .

I’m also actively involved in the Chicago design and art community, participating in talks, panels and lectures at various events.


How did your experience in York’s Design program prepare you for what you are doing now?

I had the opportunity to meet incredible designers who are expanding the general understanding of design, and I learned how to evolve my own fundamental design skills into something more expansive and progressive. York’s program really influenced me and put me on my current path.

York also informed my awareness that a good designer can’t learn only from other designers; an informed designer is paying close attention to the zeitgeist and how our ideas are informed by the times we live in. And I learned to look at my surroundings from a critical perspective – critical thinking really pushes you to create progressive work and lead the design dialogue in new directions.


Is there something specific you have done since graduation that you are particularly proud of?

In 2012, I was accepted to the 2-D graduate program at Cranbrook Academy of Art, one of the world’s leading graduate schools of architecture, art and design. I graduated in 2014 with a Master of Fine Art degree, which was a huge milestone in my design career.


What were the most rewarding and practical components of the York Design program for you?

I really appreciated the fact that York’s program focused on a lot more than just teaching students how to use the software; it also taught me how many different forms graphic design can take and how to understand and appreciate the design discourse in greater detail.


Do you have any advice or recommendations for current Design students?

Definitely work on continuously improving your formal design skills, but it’s equally important to study and understand design theory. Work on your writing – that’s a vital asset for a designer. And never stop designing, even if you don’t have a design job yet. Many of my most successful pieces were self-initiated.