Research Ethics

All students who engage with human participants for course related research will need approval from the Ethics Review Committee in the Department of Design before proceeding. This is to protect the student and participants from any problems that could arise.

Individualized Research Projects

  1. Students will complete the online tutorial TCPS 2: CORE  (Make sure to save the certificate of completion)
  2. Students will read and sign GEN-2 form which explains the ethics approval process.
  3. Carefully complete the IND form which outlines the research protocol. Must be approved and signed by the Course Director.
  4. Students also need to provide a copy of the Informed Consent Form (see example) that will be distributed and signed by all research participants.
  5. If students are using questionnaires, surveys, interviews, subject observation or some other means in order to establish facts, principles or generalized knowledge, then a copy of these questions is needed for review.

Once completed, bundle all the documents (including TCPS 2: CORE certificate of completion)  as a single PDF file and forward to the Ethics Review Committee. It is important that this submission is accurate and complete otherwise it will slow down the approval process. Data gathering involving human subjects can commence only after approval of this protocol.

Course Related Generic Projects
All Course Directors are responsible for their courses in which students will be undertaking research projects involving human participants for which the creative requirements or the research methodology are generally the same for the entire class.

The Course Director will submit a Course Protocol to the Ethics Review Committee for approval. The review is for the course as a whole, not separate projects carried out by individual students.